Wet Abrasive Glass Blasting

Starr Restoration Services offers Dustless Abrasive Media Blasting – an environmentally friendly, versatile alternative for removing some of the toughest coatings.

Dustless Abrasive Media blasting offers advantages over traditional blasting methods. An environmentally friendly, low dust cleaning method. Wet Abrasion Blasting uses compressed air, water and abrasive media that is sent through a nozzle to effectively clean and prep many surfaces. There is very little dust because of the water mist, so airborne particles are reduced. This reduces cleanup and the process also gives a softer finish to the surface.


Dustless Abrasive Media Blasting

Wet blasting will remove the toughest coatings, yet can be adjusted to clean the most fragile surfaces, without damage. Whether removing corrosion on a storage tank or removing graffiti from sandstone, Wet-Abrasive cleaning is extremely versatile.

Some of the materials, such as bronze, lime stone, cast iron, ceramic, copper, marble, and wood can be cleaned without damaging the surface. Paint can be removed from most surfaces utilizing our Eco Quip EQ600 unit with virtually little or no dust. The wet abrasive process gives us a 97% reduction in dust and allows us to clean at a lower pressure. Wet abrasive is a Eco friendly process utilizing recycled glass or other materials can be used based on the cleaning or stripping needs.

graffiti removal St. Louis MO

Abrasive Dustless Media Blasting using recycled glass

Some additional applications for cleaning include: Buildings – both interior and exterior, Masonry, Sensitive Mosaics, Metals, Stones, Murals, Grave Markers, and Statues.


  • Removes unwanted coatings and prepares surfaces for re-coating
  • Removes rust and scale
  • Restoration Work – Paint Stripping– brick, stone, decorative metals, monuments, historical items
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Marine Applications
  • Remove roadway markings
  • Remove Sealers from Exposed Aggregate and Stamped Concrete Surfaces

Graffiti Removal

  • Paint Removal Dustless Media Blasting Tin Ceiling
  • Wet Abrasive Glass Blasting
  • Graffiti being removed using wet abrasive blasting
  • Dustless Blasting using EcoQuip